Why You Should Repaint Your Home Every 5 Years

Latest News Why You Should Repaint Your Home Every 5 Years

Here’s Why You Should Repaint Your Home Every 5 Years

Nothing in this world is permanent; everything has a great period of performance followed by not so good performance.

From your mobile, laptop, bike, car, eyes, heart, all the internal organs to even our planet. It is all subject to this condition.

So is the paint you use to colour your home. The average good performance period of paint is five years. Paints have varying durability period depending upon their type and purpose.Cement based paints have a life of maximum two years, while there are certain emulsion paints in market that has a life of 10 years. External paints have a relatively less life compared to interior paints, because they are exposed to the elements.

In five years, the condition of your paint will be visibly aged. The colour will begin fading and the integrity of the paint film, which protects the outer plaster layer of the walls, will be compromised.

If left unattended this will affect the overall life of your home. Paint coat is to your home as skin is to your body; you shed your skin every day and all your home asks is to shed its skin once every five years.

Author – Karthik Nagaraj & Syed Ali Faizan

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